Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry

Your comfort and wellbeing is our top priority at Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre. Our inclusive facility can accommodate your special needs whether they are congenital, developmental, sensory or otherwise. Our service will be tailored to suit your needs wherever possible.

Wheelchair Access

Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre is located on a ground floor in Lake Street, Cairns and is fully wheelchair accessible. You will also find wheelchair accessible bathrooms on site.

General Anaesthetic for Special Needs Patients

We can administer general anaesthetic for both adults and children with special needs. This anaesthetic is particularly useful for patients with disabilities who are not good candidates for in- chair dental treatments. It will allow the patient to go to sleep before the procedure commences and
wake up once it’s done. Our friendly staff will strive to minimise any stress, discomfort or uncertainty throughout the procedure.