Our Team

Most experienced dentist in Cairns

Dr David Curnock

Dr Curnock has been practicing dentistry in Cairns since 1973 – that’s over 50 years as a dentist! This makes him Cairns’ most experienced dentist and a legend in the Cairns dental community.


He saw a void in general anaesthetic dentistry in Cairns and that’s why he founded the Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre. Dr Curnock wanted Cairns to have access to quality dental care with modern facilities dedicated to general anaesthetic dentistry.

He has completed over 8,000 anaesthetic cases to date and has witnessed firsthand the development of anaesthesia as it applies to dentistry, from the primitive “doctor’s bag” to the latest sophisticated machines and monitors.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Curnock loves being out on the water, spearfishing and spending his weekends with family and friends in Mission beach.

The Gentlest Dentist in Cairns

Dr Shenade Smith

Dr Shenade was raised on cattle stations, farms and small communities in remote parts of the Northern Territory. She attributes her upbringing and the challenges and adventures it brought with her strong belief in community and the importance of surrounding yourself with those you can rely on.

Dr Shenade graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2017. Like most of us, she grew up hearing about how much people “hate” going to the dentist and as her passion for dentistry grew, so did her desire to change that experience for her patients. Dr Shenade aims for every patient to have a gentle, relaxed, well-informed, and customer-led experience with no surprises. You won’t feel like a number when you are in Dr Shenade’s chair.

When Shenade isn’t helping people achieve their healthiest and most beautiful smiles, she loves learning to play her ukulele, spending valuable time with her family (especially her adored nieces and nephews) and planning her next trip to Japan for the cuisine.

Dr Larissa Holzschuher

Dr Holzschuher also graduated from James Cook University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and has been improving the smiles of Cairns locals ever since.


She is especially interested in giving her patients back the confidence in their smiles through cosmetic dentistry such as implants, veneers, whitening and restorative treatments.


Her bubbly and engaging personality will have you feeling relaxed and calm.
When she’s not creating dazzling smiles, Larissa loves exploring what Far North Queensland has to offer – especially fishing and snorkelling.