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We specialise in providing quality dental treatments under anaesthetic for complex dental procedures and customers with dental phobia.

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Your peace of mind, comfort, and wellbeing are our priority.

At Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre, we specialise in providing dental treatments under anaesthetic for complex dental surgery and customers with dental phobia.

We have hospital-grade facilities that have been purpose-built for general anaesthetics to ensure your dental surgery or treatment is managed in a safe, professional environment by experienced hands.

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What is general anaesthetic dentistry?

General anaesthetic dentistry (also known as dental sedation or sleep dentistry) is a specialised approach to dental care that involves giving a general anaesthetic to patients before performing dental procedures.

Unlike local anaesthesia, which numbs a specific area, general anaesthesia brings on a sleep-like state, so you’re completely pain-free and unaware during your dental treatment. Customers undergoing anaesthetic treatment are looked after by our experienced team of anaesthetist doctors, who have all undergone extensive, specialised training.

Who is general anaesthetic dentistry suitable for?

People choose to use general anaesthetic dentistry for all kinds of reasons, mainly to overcome dental anxiety and fear. Dental anxiety is a common issue that affects many people. By undergoing general anaesthetic dentistry, you can avoid the stress and anxiety associated with your dental visits, as you are peacefully asleep throughout the process.

General anaesthetic dentistry is also suitable for extensive dental work and complex dental procedures. It allows us to perform multiple procedures or lengthy treatments in a single session, significantly reducing the number of visits and overall treatment time. This can be particularly beneficial for patients with physical or mental disabilities and young children who may have difficulty cooperating during dental procedures.

What General Anaesthetic Dentistry Services are available?

Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre is the only purpose-built General Anaesthetic dentistry facility in Cairns and we offer a wide range of general anaesthetic dental treatments to our patients including:
  • Wisdom Teeth extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Dental phobia and anxiety
  • Special Needs
  • Paediatric Dentistry

What are the costs of general anaesthetic dentistry?

Our costs for dental procedures under general anaesthetic are broken into three areas:

  • Theatre fee to be paid at the time of booking surgery to secure your place (unless you have private health insurance with hospital cover)

Children (12 years and under) = $550
15-60 minutes = $800
75 minutes = $850
90 minutes = $900
120 minutes = $950

  •  Anaesthetic fee, paid to our long-term partners, Cairns Anaesthetic Group (CAG). The length of your procedure determines pricing and a Medicare rebate is available after payment.

Dental fees, which are due on the day of your surgery and quoted after consultation according to the requirements of your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about General Anaesthetic Dentistry

Most patients undergo anaesthesia without any problems and general anaesthetics are considered to be very safe today.

There is a small risk of allergic reaction in some people, but we do a comprehensive and careful patient evaluation to minimise such risk. We also ensure the highest level of patient safety during procedures.

The great thing is general anaesthesia has little to no side effects or health impacts. This includes anaesthesia administered to people with significant health conditions.

One of our specially trained anaesthetists will administer your anaesthetic and carefully monitor you throughout your procedure.

We absolutely encourage you to stay with your child until they are under the full effect of the general anaesthetic. Once the surgery is complete, you can then return and be right beside them for when they wake up.

After your surgery, you’ll need to rest for at least 24 hours before you can return to work or exercise. We also recommend having a responsible adult to support and accompany you. Other things to avoid include:

  • Driving a vehicle
  • Operation of any heavy machinery
  • Flying
  • Signing any legal documents

We will provide all these instructions to you prior to your surgery.

We will provide all these instructions to you prior to your surgery.
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