General Anesthetic

What is General Anaesthetic Dentristry?

General Anaesthetic Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry, as it can be known, is where you are given a general anaesthetic that essentially puts you into a deep sleep so you cannot feel, hear, see or smell anything that is happening while you are undergoing dental treatment.

What are the benefits of General Anaesthetic Dentistry?

The benefits of General Anaesthetic in dentistry are huge including:

  • Time efficiency
  • Comfort
  • No gagging
  • Avoid traumatic experience
  • Relieve dental fear or anxiety

Who is General Anaesthetic Dentistry for?

General Anaesthetic Dentistry is useful for many patients such as:
  • Those with dental fear or anxiety
  • Young children
  • Anyone with disabilities
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Requiring complex dental treatment

What General Anaesthetic Dentistry Services are available?

Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre is the only purpose-built General Anaesthetic dentistry facility in Cairns and we offer a wide range of general anaesthetic dental treatments to our patients including:
  • Wisdom Teeth extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Dental phobia and anxiety
  • Special Needs
  • Paediatric Dentistry

Frequently Asked Questions about General Anaesthetic Dentistry

You will have a specially trained anaesthetist administer the anaesthetic and monitor you throughout the surgery.

We encourage parents to stay with your child until they are under the full effect of the general anaesthetic and then after the surgery is complete you can be with them for when they wake up.

One of the benefits of general anaesthetic is that we are able to quickly complete treatments that otherwise might take multiple sessions. Your dentist will advise if you if you will require more than one surgery.

No. After your surgery, you will require rest for at least 24 hours and will need a responsible adult to accompany you. You should not operate any heavy machinery (including a car) up to 24 hours after surgery and you should not fly on a plane or sign any legal documents within 48 hours. Your dentist will also provide you with these instructions prior to your surgery.