What are dentures?

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth. You may know the common term “false teeth”. There are two types of dentures – complete or partial. Complete dentures are where all your natural teeth are missing or removed. Partial dentures are where you still have some of your own natural teeth and a denture is worn to fill in where your natural teeth are missing. You can also choose from removable or permanent dentures.

What are permanent dentures?

Yes. You can opt for permanent dentures which are similar to dental implant in that they are fixed inside your jaw permanently. Unlike dental implants, permanent dentures are a set of teeth that are affixed in one piece rather than individual teeth.

How will I know which ones are right for me?

After your initial consultation, your dentist will run through all the options available for your situation and make recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

Aren’t dentures a thing of the past?

No. While we always aim to keep your natural teeth as healthy and beautiful as possible, in some circumstances, dentures are still the best option for some patients. Denture technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Modern dentures are comfortable, flexible, versatile, easy-to-maintain and can be fitted seamlessly to unique mouth types.

I already have dentures, but they don’t feel right. Can you help?

Yes. Gums and bones may shrink or change shape over time so it’s possible that your dentures are no longer fitting you right. At Cairns Dental Anaesthetic Centre, we provide denture relining and repair services to keep you feeling comfortable with your existing dentures or we can discuss options if you prefer a new set. Life’s too short to have uncomfortable dentures!